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Do what you love, in Massachusetts

Known for our five million acres of public land, Massachusetts is famous for outdoor recreation. There are so many ways to get outdoors and explore the nature of Massachusetts! Each season presents new opportunities to appreciate the wonders of the natural world.

Find some inspiration for your next outdoor adventure in Massachusetts!

General Information

Campfires are a staple for camping trips so follow
these tips to ensure that your favorite camping tradition is both fun and safe!
1. Use only the designated rings or pits on gravel or dirt, never grass.
2. Clear the area of any dry leaves and sticks and make sure that tents, campers, and other
items are placed at a good distance from the fire.
3. Check the weather forecast. Even a small amount of wind can blow burning debris or sparks.
4. Don’t bring firewood from another area.
5. NEVER leave the fire unattended.
7. Keep your campfire small and contained.
8. Never allow children or pets to play or stand close to the fire.
9. Keep a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher nearby.
10. Make sure your campfire is out completely.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a first-time camper, these basic tips will help to ensure that
everyone enjoys their camping experience while visiting a campground.

• Please observe designated quiet hours.
• Help prevent forest fires by adhering to campground campfire policies. Campfires should
always be in a contained area or fire rings and should always be attended and properly
• For those camprgounds that permit dogs, please observe all dog policies, which may include:
• Keeping dogs on a leash
• Picking up after your dog
• Certain breed restrictions
• Ensuring that your dog is not agressive to other dogs
• Bringing your vaccination records
• Help keep critters away by depositing all trash in the dumpster.
• Please respect your neighbors and other campers by using walkways, rather than cutting
through sites.
• SLOW DOWN, for kids sake! Please observe the speed limit throughout the park.