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10 Best Camping Games for Kids

10 Best Camping Games for Kids


As any parent with children can attest, keeping kids entertained while camping can be a challenge, more so if the campground doesn’t have wifi available, or if the amenities available aren’t the best. But, fear not, here are 10 camping games that are sure to keep kids entertained. 

10 Best Camping Games for Kids


Mosquito Bites

  • Before the camping trip begins, hand out some red-dot stickers to the campers. 
  • Next, pick a word that the kids use very often in conversations, such as ‘tent,’ ‘camp,’ etc., and make that the forbidden word for an hour. 
  • After that, the kids will be asked to carry on their regular camping activities. If any participant uses the word that has been forbidden and any of the other participants hear them say it, they will put a red sticker on them, also referred to as ‘mosquito bite.’
  • The participant with the least mosquito bites at the end of the game will win!


Sleeping Bag Race

  • This game is pretty similar to the potato sack race, except the participants have to run using a sleeping bag.
  • You’ll need some old, unused sleeping bags for this race. 
  • Ask the participants to get inside them and hop their way to the ‘finish line’ as fast as possible. 
  • Whoever gets there first wins.


I Spy

  • This is a very low-key game that can be played while having lunch or doing some basic activities.
  • Each participant will give a clue about an item they can find within their eyesight. Once they do, they will have to say the phrase ‘I spy with my little eyes’ along with the clue.
  • ‘The participant who guesses the correct answer will win the game.


Knot Tying

  • In this exciting camping game for kids, you’ll have to teach the campers to tie three different types of knots.
  • Once they learn, it’s time to set a timer for the campers and challenge them to tie all three types of knots successfully before the time’s up. 


Scavenger Hunt

  • This is one of the most played camping games in Massachusetts since it’s thrilling for both kids and adults.
  • For this game, you’ll need to hide some camping equipment in places near the camping site or a bit further along. Now, once you’re done hiding everything, you have to give the participants a list of all the things they need to hunt for. 
  • It’s always better to be a bit creative and add some clues about where the objects have been hidden. The items need to be found within a specific time period.
  • The winner will be the one who manages to find most of the hidden items before time.  


Bear Catcher

  • To play this game, one player has to become a bear catcher while the other players will have to be the bears.
  • Around the camp location, one sleeping bag will be placed for every bear, and the sleeping bags will be referred to as their ‘cave.’
  • The bears will be asked to sit in their cave and have the bear catcher stand in the center. Once a non-player says ‘go,’ the bears will have to run to a new cave (sleeping bag) before the bear catcher catches them.
  • If a player gets caught, they will become the new bear catcher!


Magnet Fishing

  • To play this fun game, you’ll need paper sheets of different colors and a few baskets filled with prizes.
  • Next, you’ll need to cut fish shapes from the paper and attach paper clips with them. You’ll have to tie strings to rods to create fishing rods and attach some magnets at the ends. 
  • The baskets should be marked with ribbons or markers similar to the fish colors. Once a camper catches a paper fish, they will get to pick their prize from the basket that matches the color of the fish they have caught. 



  • This can be considered an indoor game as it’s solely based on creativity.
  • The participants can be asked to create dreamcatchers using the stuff they have collected during the trip.


Canteen Bucket Brigade

  • This is a sport that is widely enjoyed by children as well as adults. To start with, you’ll need to divide the campers into two groups.
  • Next, two large buckets will be needed, which you’ll have to fill with water and place side by side at one end of the camping site.
  • Next, place two more empty buckets side by side, and make sure that they are placed at least 10 feet apart from the buckets that are full.
  • Once this is done, provide a canteen for each team. The players of both the teams have to race and fill the empty water buckets by carrying water from the filled buckets using the canteen.
  • The first team to fill the empty bucket will win the game.  


Campfire Relay

  • For this game, you can divide the campers into teams of two and use supplies like paper, rocks, wood, etc., to build campfires.
  • Once a non-player says ‘go,’ the participants will have to build campfires as fast as possible. The first group to complete building the campfire wins the game!



Camping is one of the best ways to enjoy the summer holidays and teach kids about al kinds of things. By playing these camping games for the family, both the kids and adults will make some great memories, and the kids will also learn new skills. Happy camping!

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